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I have been using UltraIso for quite a while now. I use it for editing and saving ISOs, creating new images and checking their correctness. I also use it for burning ISOs on CDs and DVDs. Everything has worked excelent until recently. First I thought it was because I have got a new pc, but then when I started to test a little it seems to be the same problem with the old reliable pc.
This is how it is. I created a new Windows Repair Disk from a new HP pc. I make an ISO image of it. With UltraIso I do a check disk on both the image and the created disk and I get the same MD5 result on both. I am happy. For a while. But as I want to have a MD5 text file to use when checking the ISO file after having copied it, I use CDCheck to create this. Then I see that I don´t get the same MD5 value as with UltraISO! To test wheather it is UltraIso or CDCheck that fails me, I use MD5summer to make an extra checksum of the iso file. Then I get the same checksum as in CDCheck and it differs from the UltraIso checksum.
I have done some more crosstesting with different files, disks and computers and now I start to loose my trust to UltraIso because the errors repeats themselves.
One observation: There is a new checkbox in Check CD/DVD Disk in that I never saw before and I don´t find it mentioned in the Help. It says "Use number of sectors of ISO image". What does this mean? I fades out the Enable ISO Volume Filter, when checked. I get the same MD5 result with any combination of checking of the boxes.

If anyone can give me a clue of what is happening or how I can change any setting so that the checksums become correct, I  would be very happy and thankful. I can't believe that there is a fault in the UltraIso algorithms. The program has worked so fine all these years.

I run UltraIso at the moment


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