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Technical Support

  • Please visits What's New to check whether you got the newest edition of EasyBoot software.

  • Please read Frequently Asked Question to see whether your question is already answered.

  • You can also go to EasyBoot discussion forum to see if someone is talking about your question.

  • The technical support is free. You may send your mail to support@ezbsystems.com.

  • In order to provide more accurate service, please provides the following information:
    1. Whether the problem can be reproduced? How is it reproduced?
    2. What operating system you used (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP and so on).
    3. Your EasyBoot version (Example... EasyBoot 4.56).
    4. If there are any error dialog boxes, please provides the whole error message, it is better to contain the screenshot capture if possible.







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